Connect with and access life's abundance. Explore exercises that will reveal your lifepath. Discover how dreams offer clues that unmask your life purpose.

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  • Release Stress

    Nature supports success at all levels, and in everything it creates.

    Life’s abundance is real. This course will teach you how to connect with and manifest abundance.

  • Discover Your Lifepath

    Questions and exercises frame the exploration of your lifepath.

    Discover how life speaks to you and how synchronicity guides you.

  • Tap Your Dreams

    Learn techniques to improve dream recall, and tap into their insight.

    Connect with the inspired guidance that can help you eliminate any blockage to your success.


What it means to be human from nature’s perspective.
The ways your are physically and mentally sharing energy within a larger field.
Explore the hidden mysteries of nature in a way that will reveal who you are and the role you were designed to play.
Tap your dreams for guidance and discover how they awaken you to synchronicity.
Based on our current understanding of the natural world, this inspirational course reveals how looking more deeply at nature can inspire peacefulness…and allow you to blossom into authenticity.


“I am shocked at what this course has revealed to me about my life.”

“Thank you. This course has been completely transforming and powerful!”

“Working with you has allowed me to implement new and exciting paradigms.”


Hi, I’m Kari Hohne, nature’s wisdom author and connoisseur of all the ways nature inspires our success. My popular website, CAFE AU SOUL, has over 2 million pageviews each month, and I love sharing both our Eastern and Western ancient traditions. I offer the internet’s most popular I Ching, which is a nature-based oracle, a free online dream dictionary, tarot, astrology readings, and other free self-help tools.

Over many decades, I have taught students all over the world how the mind constructs reality and the techniques to transform self-defeating behavior into a path of authentic success. Tapping the wisdom of dreams, all are amazed at how they had this inner guidance all along. In addition to one-on-one coaching, I launched these courses to extend my teachings to a wider audience. I’ve authored many books, apps, and award-winning meditation music. I am honored to share this path of inspiration and wonder with you!

Kari Hohne